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By, Node Smith, ND

The foundation on which naturopathy is built, or the paradigm through which it functions is the assumption that the body is a self-healing organism. The body, your body, is an intelligent being who knows what she needs, and when given rest, nutrients, and love, she can repair any damage. It’s a very simple, yet vastly powerful truth, with extremely deep implications.

Illness is a Friend, Not an Enemy

One of the deepest of these implications is that your illness is not the enemy, something to be scorned, hated, and gotten rid of. Your pain, disease, or suffering is not separate from you, from your body, an affliction that is the result of chance. It is yourself speaking, an attempt to communicate and bring your awareness to something very real. Illness is the body’s way of guiding us back to health, not away from it, but the only way to get there is to listen.

If the body is innately self-healing, having the primary function of restoring balance and providing us with a healthy physical, mental, and emotional body to flow freely through this life, then illness MUST serve this purpose. We know that this is the purpose of a fever – to bring the body back into balance from a bacterial infection, or a viral infection. We know that diarrhea is the body’s way of getting rid of waste that has become too toxic in the bowels. We know that tears, laughter, pain and sorrow are the emotional body’s natural way of processing through life’s experiences. It’s just a little more difficult to understand how an autoimmune condition, diabetes, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, or multiple sclerosis can be the body’s innate wisdom trying to speak to us.

These chronic and life debilitating diseases are often the body’s way of increasing the volume of her voice, because we’ve been distracted by too many other things over the years to pay attention to her needs. And because we are incredibly complex beings, the communications have often become quite complex through the years of being ignored. My intestines aren’t the only thing that needs to let me know that there’s something wrong – I told that pesky thing to “shut up,” and took some antibiotics. It’s also not just my cardiovascular system that’s been trying to tell me that my electrolytes are a bit low, and I’m dehydrated, by giving me a headache – I’ve been taking aspirin for that and hypertension meds for years. It’s also not just my leg pain that’s been getting worse, or the sinus infection that’s been lingering for 3 months. It’s all of these things combined, in addition to all of the emotional strain and mental stress that we as Americans have been cultured to simply ignore.

So, Bam! My disease is in my face. I can’t ignore him any longer. AND here’s the key, he’s not angry. He’s been trying to tell me that things are going awry for so long, and he’s still trying to tell me, because he cares about me. My body, and all my symptoms are trying to coax me into paying attention to myself so that I can heal – and often times this healing is INTENSE.

It’s intense because your body, as an innately self-healing self, wants you to be living a life of complete freedom, with happiness and joy as your daily companions. She doesn’t want you to settle for “alright,” or “I’ll manage.” HECK NO! Your body loves you way more than that. But it can be hard work, which is the conundrum or conflict we find ourselves in. We often find ourselves looking for easier solutions to our discomfort, getting a little better, but never really finding the root of the problem, until we finally can’t take it anymore. When are we finally sick enough of our sickness to stop and listen? When we become willing to participate with ourselves in this work, change will be profound.

Next week, I will share how you can help yourself with illness to be well with the 3 Guideposts to self-healing, so stay tuned!