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Wicked Wilderness is honored to assist with the VRCC Pilot Program.

Being in the outdoors is part of NUNM’s naturopathic prescription of healing the mind, body, and spirit. Thus, one of the ways in which we are helping these veterans’ overall health will be to get them outdoors through hiking. Our hike is intended to promote happiness, cardio, reducing stress, and creating camaraderie. Eastern Oregon has a vast amount of beautiful scenery and wildlife that we are eager to share with these veterans.

Nicolina Hesse founded Wicked Wilderness ( in late 2015, early 2016 with the hopes of bringing the outdoors to you, and you to us! Our ultimate goal is to bring camaraderie to outdoor enthusiasts, as well as veterans, to strengthen our community, and really learn from one another.

​Understanding and Hope

Nicolina brings an understanding and a true appreciation for what the veterans coming into this pilot program are going through, as she was injured in the military and after becoming a civilian did not know what she wanted to do. Becoming labelled as disabled and not being able to do what she used to was extremely difficult. She has worked hard to better herself, put the “able in disabled”, and really pursue something she is passionate about and help others do the same. Wicked Wilderness was how she wanted to put those together.

Nicolina has seen her vision become a reality and can’t wait to be an integral part of bringing healing and hope to Veterans and their families at the VRCC. Would you please join her and consider donating to the pilot program this weekend?