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I, along with several other physicians from NUNM will be heading to Hot Lake Springs this upcoming weekend (Oct 6-9th) to conduct the pilot program with 6 veterans, 5 of which are in and around the local community.

Who is NUNM?  What Do We Believe?

National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) is located in Portland, one of the nation’s oldest accredited higher education institutions training naturopathic doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners.  For over sixty years the university has been dedicated to education and research in natural medicine.  NUNM Naturopathic students will come to the Veterans Restorative Care Center at Hot Lake Springs as preceptors, as interns and as residents, supervised by licensed NDs.  Care for Veterans will be part of the repertoire of clinical experiences available to ND students with such a focus.  And, icing on the cake, research potential in terms of efficacy of treatment for Veterans with various presenting conditions will not be far behind.

NUNM is committed to doing something about the serious health concerns of our veterans.

We know that many returning service personnel present with a large number of health issues, ranging from physical injury, chronic disease, through to treatment for related chronic pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression , TBI, PTS, suicide prevention, IPV and more in an epidemic of suffering that has to be addressed.

 The Activities for the Weekend

NUNM is proud and honored to be partnering with the Warrior Bonfire Program (WBP) because naturopathic medicine incorporates nature into its healing process and the outdoor activities conducted by WBP will be one of the many facets we cover in working with the Veterans over the weekend.

We will also be providing tools for these veterans to be able to take home and weave into their daily lives. Thus, we plan to start our mornings with Chi-Gong (Qigong), a form of gentle exercise composed of movements, which can produce inner tranquility, superior health and wellness practice.  We will also be working on breathing techniques that can help reduce stress, improve sleep and alleviate anxiety. The hot lake springs and acupuncture are two other treatments that work wonders on the body that we will encourage the veterans to partake. Last, but certainly not least, we’ll treat the whole person by taking the time to sit down with each veteran one on one to evaluate their needs and guide them down the path of healing.

Something Bigger

The pilot is just the beginning of something much bigger, not just for the veterans, but also for the VRCC. We are incredibly excited to be participating in something that is so needed and important to provide healing in veterans’ lives.



Would you be willing support the veterans and the pilot program by defraying some of the costs of the weekend? If so, please click here:

Thank you. Peace and blessings to you.

~ Susanna Czeranko, ND