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11806486 - honor our veterans gold illustration sign design on whiteAlthough we’re well into spring, it seems like autumn was just yesterday. The brisk air, the colorful leaves and the special holiday, like Veterans Day. It’s wonderful to be able to give back to members of the armed forces for all they’ve given us. But you don’t have to wait until fall comes around again to show veterans you care.

Deliver meals

Many disabled veterans have trouble doing ordinary things like running errands and cooking. Having food hand-delivered to their home can help them get well-rounded, nutritious meals. See if there is a veteran-oriented Meals on Wheels or similar program in your area. If not, why not start one?

Visit a hospital

Many wounded veterans in hospitals have no families to visit them, or their loved ones live far away and are unable to make the trip. Why not stop by and chat with these veterans, if they’re up to it, and brighten their day?

Donate to the VRCC

Finally, a wonderful way to help heal veterans from trauma is by donating to the VRCC (Veterans Restorative Care Center). The VRCC seeks to restore hope to wounded veterans and their families through a holistic approach. Their goal – to turn a 100-year-old hot springs spa into a care center – may save the lives of countless suffering veterans.