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41024931 - happy family watching the sunset on the beachWhen many veterans return from active duty, they turn to traditional medicine to cope with injuries, PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and more. But there is good reason to believe that naturopathic physicians have unique characteristics to help this deserving population.

A multi-pronged approach

Naturopathic physicians don’t just use a cookie-cutter approach to healthcare. Instead, they work to see how different aspects of the patient’s life are affected by what ails them. These aspects include the patient’s internal life (their health on a personal, psychoemotional level), their external life (a pathology approach to their disease), and their collective life (their relationships, community and support system).

Patient-centered approach

Veterans who seek help are often bounced between multiple doctors, each with their own opinions and agenda on how the veteran’s condition should be treated. Naturopathic physicians, on the other hand, take a patient-centered approach. Their treatment plans are driven less by standard protocols and more by what might benefit that specific patient.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Since naturopaths have the patient at the center of their treatment plan, they are more amenable to newer ways of treating disease. When time-tested models don’t work, a naturopath doesn’t hesitate to suggest alternatives, whether they be massage, pet therapy or relaxation techniques.